Analysis on Hudec’s Architectural Works in Shanghai

School/Department: CAUP
Discipline:  Architecture
Major:     Architectural Design and Theory
Candidate:  Hua Xiahong
Supervisor:  Pro. Zhengshiling


Hungarian architect L.E.Hudec(1893-1958) must be an important figure in modern time of Shanghai. During the year 1918 to 1947,he executed more than 60 projects in this city, including the famous Park Hotel, which once boasted “The Tallest Building in the Far East”. From his various styles of architecture, we could find the true life of this magic metropolis, and all of them are the best reflection of the international character of Shanghai.

Chapter 1    Introduction

Chapter 2     In Curry’s Practice (1918-1925):
Profound Classicism and Eclecticism

Chapter 3    Beginning of His Own Practice (1925-1930):
Continuity of Classicism and Eclecticism

Chapter 4    Transmitting Period (1930-1933):
Swinging Between Old and New Styles

Chapter 5     Climax Period (1933-1947)
Star Architect of Modernism

Chapter 6    Conclusion

Chapter 7    Inspiration for Contemporary Architectural Practice


Appendix A:Biography of L.E.Hudec

Appendix B:Chronicle of Hudec’s Architectural works in Shanghai