Sites which are related to Hudec Heritage Project

Websites of professionals and institutions:

Lenore Hietkamp, author of several Hudec publication, works in Victoria, Canada. Her last book publication: "Laszlo Hudec and the Park Hotel in Shanghai", 2012

Luca Poncellini, co-author of the "László Hudec" book and author of a PhD thesis (2006) on the architecture of Hudec in Shanghai, Technical University of Torino 

Tongji University publisher of 2 Hudec book in Shanghai and organizer severeal Hudec events

Database of Hudec collection in the Library of the University of Victoria (Canada)

Center for Architect L.E. Hudec, (CALEH) Slovakian non-profit organisation with researching and publication activities

The Association of Hungarian Architects, organizing events and publications in Shanghai about Hudec architectural heritage.